Ah, so you came. It is in your best interest that I warn you right now about the world you are about to enter – about the story that I am about to tell. But if you are brave enough, if you are curious enough, if you are daring enough - come. To be quite honest, I have eagerly waiting for you. This tale has lived on the tip of my tongue, pressed in secrecy between my two lips. But I do believe you are the right person. After all, if you had been, you wouldn’t have come. So, my darlings, I would like to welcome you…
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    September 9th 1976: Chairman Mao dies

    On this day in 1976, the Chinese Communist leader Mao Zedong died just after midnight at the age of 82. Born in 1893 into a Chinese farming family, the young Mao quickly developed an interest in Marxist and Communist ideology. After World War Two, a civil war broke out in China between the ruling nationalists led by Chiang Kai-shek and the communists he had tried to purge. Despite having the support of many Western nations like the United States, Chiang Kai-shek was defeated and Mao, who had led the communists, was victorious. On October 1st 1949 Mao proclaimed the founding of the People’s Republic of China. Mao then ruled the country as Chairman of the Communist Party, and under his rule any opposition to the communist regime was ruthlessly suppressed. Millions died under his rule, some from his disastrous policies like the ‘Great Leap Forward’ of 1958 which tried to rapidly transform China from an agrarian to industrial economy and triggered a deadly famine. Millions more died under his ruthless persecution, especially after the ‘Cultural Revolution’ of 1966 which aimed to purge counter-revolutionary forces in Chinese society. Overall Mao’s rule is believed to have caused the deaths of 40 to 70 million people. In his last years Mao worked to ease tensions with Western powers and met with US President Nixon in China in 1972. Mao Zedong died in 1976 following a period of deteriorating health; his body lay in state at the Great Hall of the People for ten days and his embalmed body remains on display in his mausoleum in Beijing.

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    I can smell it now.

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    georgeshobeika My favourite Haute Couture creations of 2014!

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  • Unstuck is about empathy and sincerity and other helpful emotions


    imageWhy express how we feel when an emoticon will do? Why ponder a situation when we can Google it instead? Are machines rubbing off on us? Are we becoming automatic, too? And all that time we’re saving — what’s it for? Let’s earmark it for some human-to-human contact. 

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    Chapter IV: Shiloh

    Jack stared at the dorm’s wooden panel walls.  Thoughts overflowed his head and strained him into a painful headache.  The lockdown he was under, from his little escape shenanigan, was the least of his worries.  In fact, he had simply let such a grave fate roll off his shoulders.  No, his thoughts lie in Shiloh and what he was going to do next.  He could feel the scene under the willow tree stain itself into his memory, permanently.  

    Jack remembered how he stumbled away from Shiloh, mouth locked in shock.    Words couldn’t escape him as he tried to comprehend where they had landed.  Panic took over his breath and he began to feel his wind leave him as his head grew lighter and lighter.  It was as if she had broken every law there is known to man.  Impossibility wove into the air itself.

    “Oh, Jack.  Please calm down,” Shiloh said evenly while trying to approach him.  But with every step she took, Jack took three more back. 

    “Stay away from me!”  He finally managed to yell.  “What did you do?!  Where is London?!  Where is my home?!” All of a sudden, the world about Jack spun and his vision began to go.  He had pushed himself into a state of hyperventilation.

                “Jack, stop!”  she reached forward in time to clumsily catch his lanky body.   Jack felt warm arms wrap around his shoulders causing an unusual calmness to fill him.  He closed his eyes and slipped for a moment into unconsciousness. 

    When he woke again, he found himself lying on Shiloh’s lap under the willow tree.

                The sky was slightly different here (wherever here was) with vivid shades of aqua blue and vapors of silver twinkling against it.   Jack lifted a hand, feeling like he was still in the stupor of a dream, and traced the now pink branches of the willow tree. 

                “Impossible.” He slurred to himself. 

                Shiloh looked down at him with curious eyes.  “Nothing’s impossible.”  She stated as if it were inarguable.

                “You know, I bet this is all one big dream.” Jack whispered his voice cracking.

                “Oh, Jack,” Shiloh sighed, “this isn’t a dream.” She carefully pressed her hands underneath him and helped him sit up.

                “Why can’t I feel it, anymore?” He muttered while staring at his hands.

                “It will hit again, I’m sure.  The shock has passed and now it’s just…adjusting, I suppose.” Shiloh tried to reach out to touch him lightly on the shoulder but Jack quickly drew away. 

    © E.M. Peterson

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  • Carlos Ruiz Zafón, The Shadow of the Wind (via observando)
  • "Books are mirrors: you only see in them what you already have inside you."
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  • Ivy in the Autumn by (PredictorX)

    Sept. 3rd, 2014: Write and Dash

    Curse of the Nine: Book 1 


    Jack looked at the broken arches, his eyes catching how the ivy held up their tired shoulders.  Flames of gold and red leaves mischievously shifted about like clever snakes against a dying enemy.  The windows of the building were frosted with dust and forgotten fingerprints with a single light shining at the top corner.

    "I know you are here," he said, he words bouncing off the crisp air.  He was tired of the games.

    The edges of his dream curled like smoke against his feet.

    "What do you fear, Jack?" a man asked from the lit sill as a silhouette filled the space.  

    "I don’t fear anything anymore," he calmly told the man. "And I certain don’t fear you.  I know what you are now - I know who you serve.”

    Paris laughed in enjoyment as he leaned out the window, his yellow eyes shining like a creature of darkness.  “Do you honestly know, or are you guessing?”

    Jack had to purse his lips at this.  His nails bit into his palms as his green eyes shook with frustration. “It doesn’t matter either way.  What I believe, is my truth.  And you can tie be about in circles all you want but I will save her.”

    "Stupid boy," Paris chuckled, his grin now appearing. "You think you’ve got it all figured out.  But you are just a simple as ever."

    "I will defy her destiny, Paris," Jack stated once more. "You will be the first to see that."

    "Then off you must go, Jack Leon Tudore.  Just remember…the door only swings one way for you," Paris gripped the shutters of the old building and slammed them shut, and with it the dream.

    © E.M. Peterson

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    September 3rd 1875: Ferdinand Porsche born

    On this day in 1875 the famed automotive engineer Ferdinand Porsche was born in Mattersdorf, Austria-Hungary. From an early age Porsche demonstrated a keen interest and great skill in technology, and soon landed a job in an electrical company. In 1897 he built an electric wheel-hub motor which garnered significant attention after being featured at the 1900 World’s Fair in Paris. Some of his career highlights before 1931 included building the first gas-electric hybrid car and working for Mercedes-Benz. In this time he also briefly served in the army and acted as chauffeur to Archduke Franz Ferdinand whose assassination in 1914 sparked the First World War. In 1931 Porsche founded his own company - the company that carries his name which is still famous today for its cars. Throughout the 1930s and 1940s Porsche, by then a German citizen, sympathised with the Nazi Party and eventually became a member of both the party and its paramilitary wing the SS. It was Porsche who was charged by Adolf Hitler with designing and building the ‘people’s car’ (Volkswagen), and from these efforts came the Volkswagen Beetle. Porsche’s company was also involved in the Nazi war effort by designing and building state of the art tanks for the German army. After the end of the war Porsche was arrested and jailed by the French as a war criminal but his son kept the company going and they soon unveiled the new Porsche sports car. Ferdinand Porsche died in Stuttgart, Germany on January 30th 1951 at the age of 75, but his company lives on and remains one of the most sought-after car brands.