Ah, so you came. It is in your best interest that I warn you right now about the world you are about to enter – about the story that I am about to tell. But if you are brave enough, if you are curious enough, if you are daring enough - come. To be quite honest, I have eagerly waiting for you. This tale has lived on the tip of my tongue, pressed in secrecy between my two lips. But I do believe you are the right person. After all, if you had been, you wouldn’t have come. So, my darlings, I would like to welcome you…
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~E. M. Peterson~
  • Princess Mononoke
    1997 Japanese theatrical poster

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    The Raven’s Children: Snippet 

    By: E. M. Peterson

    The wolf smiled boldly as he eyed Fray. “What’s wrong child?  Scared of a little danger?”

    Fray’s eyes narrowed at the creature before her.  He may look like a human but she knew what they said about sheep’s coat. 

    "You think I’m scared?" she asked, her tone quickly turning like overturned coffee.

    "I can smell your fear," he laughed cracking his fingers as he looked at his nearby shadows.  From it came eyes that matched his own as giants rose out from the corners of the small courtyard.

    "I afraid that is your own scent, stupid wolf," she hissed opening her hands.

    "Well, we shall just need to see who the liar is, Raven’s kin," he chuckled, running a hand over his black locks. "Good luck," he sneered.

    Frey’s ice blonde hair moved in unseen wind as her own irises began to glow.  “Goodbye, Wolf.”

    Suddenly the shadows spun and shook and the while the Wolf and his giants looked on in curiosity, Fray smirked as his fear was made.

    © E.M. Peterson

    Email: exlibris9@gmail.com 

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