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Curse of the Nine: Snippet III

“Manas.  She is spreading the word about him to all nine archways.  He-he is planning the impossible…he wants to…”  Archimedes huffed, trying desperately to collect his thoughts.

“Why should I care, Archimedes?” boomed the figure.

“He wants to break the destiny!  Her destiny!”

“You can’t mean…” Jacobb gasped.

Shiloh.”  The name echoed against the walls of the grand room.

Out of nowhere, a chuckle broke out from the shadowed chair and quickly escalated into a thunderous laugh.  Lanterns flickered to life and grew dimly as the ground beneath them quivered ever so slightly.

“A boy wants to change her destiny.  Oh my, this is rich.  No, this is excellent.  I haven’t felt so alive in centuries!”  The voice shouted before the shape rose quickly from his seat.  “Please tell me, what is his name?”

“But sir, the idea…it’s so ridiculous…” Jacobb muttered.

“Silence, Jacobb.  Now, Archimedes, what is it?”

“Jack, sire,” he replied in wonder, trailing away the last name into a whisper.

“Jack,” the figure clicked, testing how the roll of each letter against his tongue. “Ha-ha!”

“Sire?” Jacobb questioned.

“Fetch my cloak!  We must welcome this strange boy.  I must welcome him, myself.

Jacobb and Archimedes watched in awe as their king stepped into the warm light. 

“I must,” he reiterated, “welcome Jack Leon Tudore.”

© E.M. Peterson 

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