Ah, so you came. It is in your best interest that I warn you right now about the world you are about to enter – about the story that I am about to tell. But if you are brave enough, if you are curious enough, if you are daring enough - come. To be quite honest, I have eagerly waiting for you. This tale has lived on the tip of my tongue, pressed in secrecy between my two lips. But I do believe you are the right person. After all, if you had been, you wouldn’t have come. So, my darlings, I would like to welcome you…
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  • Marvelo and Wonderland’s Key Snippet

    By: E. M. Peterson

    "Well, we are moving in, Cedric,” Dad replied from his battlefield.

    My eyes narrowed as the arrogant triplet strode in on his high horse.  Cedric glanced around the kitchen before running a hand through his short black hair, sighing at the mess.  His chilling blue eyes narrowed through his rimless glasses as he watched me furrow my eyebrows as I went through the knives.

    "Careful," he said as he watched me like a well-groomed archer.  I swear, Cedric would be prouder than lion if he could see me in a cage, just so long as I was safe. 

    "Oh no!  Watch out for the terrifying, parnips!" I mocked, putting the vegetable before the knife and cutting board I had selected.  "Or the horrifying potatoes!"

    Cedric eyebrow arched, not amused. “Perhaps I should paint you a picture?” he clicked.

    That quickly shut me up.  Cedric’s Main Power was not anything I liked to mess with.  He was born with the ability to bring to life anything he drew.  The more detail he used, the better it could sustain in the world.  His Secondary Power wasn’t anything to sneeze at either.  I wasn’t exactly a fan of going to an art gallery and seeing my brother walk through a battlefield scene as if it were completely natural

    "Come off it, Cedric.  She was only teasing,"  Klaus defended. "She has nothing to do with your break-up."

    "Correction, she has everything to do with it.  Why do you think we moved here in the first place?” he hissed back.

    The room grew unnaturally quiet.  Even Dad and Lars clammed up.  I simply lowered my head even further and carefully began to cut the vegetables solemnly.  I couldn’t deny it, there was truth in his argument.  If it hadn’t been for me, he would have still be with his girlfriend back home.

    "I’m sorry," I whispered as guilt sunk in.  I couldn’t even bring myself to glare at him.  I just had to keep cutting the food.  A heavy hand patted me on the shoulder.


    © E.M. Peterson

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  • Top Hat Society: Snippet II

    Oh, sweet Lucy could be so gullible.  For as her mother round the corner of the kitchen, Lucy missed the subtle way her foot stumbled.  And as her mother drew her body up the stairs, she began to cough quietly until her bedroom door was closed.  If only Lucy could see the colors from her cheeks fade from pink to light grey. 

                After some time had passed, a sleepy blonde boy stumbled out into the kitchen.  “I don’t want to go to school,” he whined, rubbing his bright blue eyes.

                “Oh, hush up!” Lucy stuck her tongue out and threw a dish towel at him. “Would you go get washed up?  Mom is going to start breakfast soon.”

                “Can’t deny good food,” Adrian suddenly perked up to his full height. 

                Lucy looked back at him realizing that her little brother was not so little anymore.  He was quickly inching past her.   Of course, he’d be tall, just as the others were. 

                “Just get ready before the water starts to get cold,” Lucy teased.

                “Seriously?! Did you use the hot water again?”

                Lucy often told her white lie that she used hot water every day.  It was the only way to get her mother and brother to wash without guilt.  Plus, it normally got her little brother in and out of the shower fast enough.

                “I’m here,” their mother chimed, her hair bundled up above her head. “Told you I was fast,” she said while winking at Lucy.

                “You sure told me.” She laughed and moved away around from counter so her mother could start preparing their meal. 

                “Go wash, dear,” her mother commanded the brother. “Before the water gets cold.”

                “I know! I know!” Adrian yelled, rushing back up the stairs to the bathroom.

                “Darling, will you go set up the front of my shop?”

                “Of course, Mum,” Lucy smiled and opened a nearby door to the small tailoring shop their mother ran.

                The while the store was a bit little, it still had a cozy appeal to it.  The white walls had a warm array of painted flowers along the top of them, just barely touching the ceiling.  Lucy’s shoes clicked against the smooth wooden floor over to lumpy items covered by off-white sheets.  She pulled off the blankets to reveal cleverly posed manikins showing off some of the work her mother has done.  She then crossed to the other side of the shop to open a wardrobe filled with an array of colors and patterns. 

    © E.M. Peterson

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  • Curse of the Nine: Snippet III

    “Manas.  She is spreading the word about him to all nine archways.  He-he is planning the impossible…he wants to…”  Archimedes huffed, trying desperately to collect his thoughts.

    “Why should I care, Archimedes?” boomed the figure.

    “He wants to break the destiny!  Her destiny!”

    “You can’t mean…” Jacobb gasped.

    Shiloh.”  The name echoed against the walls of the grand room.

    Out of nowhere, a chuckle broke out from the shadowed chair and quickly escalated into a thunderous laugh.  Lanterns flickered to life and grew dimly as the ground beneath them quivered ever so slightly.

    “A boy wants to change her destiny.  Oh my, this is rich.  No, this is excellent.  I haven’t felt so alive in centuries!”  The voice shouted before the shape rose quickly from his seat.  “Please tell me, what is his name?”

    “But sir, the idea…it’s so ridiculous…” Jacobb muttered.

    “Silence, Jacobb.  Now, Archimedes, what is it?”

    “Jack, sire,” he replied in wonder, trailing away the last name into a whisper.

    “Jack,” the figure clicked, testing how the roll of each letter against his tongue. “Ha-ha!”

    “Sire?” Jacobb questioned.

    “Fetch my cloak!  We must welcome this strange boy.  I must welcome him, myself.

    Jacobb and Archimedes watched in awe as their king stepped into the warm light. 

    “I must,” he reiterated, “welcome Jack Leon Tudore.”

    © E.M. Peterson exlibris9.tumblr.com 

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  • Marvelo & The Key to Wonderland: Snippet II

    Chapter I: The Home in the Library

    “What do you think?” My father asked as we stared at our new home. 

    “It’s a library.” I said surprised, my American accent dinging against his British.

    “Well of course it is!  I’m the new director!” He exclaimed throwing tawny skinned hands over a slowly growing bald spot.  His challenging brown eyes gleamed in delight against his black rimmed glasses.  Although he was book smart, he still had a strong build (even in his older age) from his military years.  Since Mom’s death he had adorn his chin with a grizzly brown beard.  I noted that it needed a trimming again.  Something to discuss over dinner. 

    "How did the boys take it?"

    "They haven’t seen it yet."

    "Oh, don’t worry about it.  They’ll love it I’m sure.  You are all quite bookish little things."

    "And who do we have to blame for that?"

    He beamed before trying to play it off with a shrug of the shoulder. “They said they’d pop in as soon as they were done saying goodbye to their mates back home.”

    "Oh.  Bet they are getting a last kiss in from the girls too." I chuckled though inside I was quite jealous of their relationships.  "Though I suppose they are ex-girlfriends now…"

    "Oh hush you!" My father smacked a paper over my head, before he admittedly whispered, "Bloody hell, that is going to be awful to deal with!"

              “Well it is!”

    "For me, probably.  You don’t have to get their texts moping about it all."

    © E.M. Peterson exlibris9.tumblr.com 

  • Marvelo & The Key to Wonderland - Chapter I (Snippet)

    “What’s wrong with her, Dr. Franklin?” My mother asked as she tightened her grip around my small waist.  I was busily marrying my dolls when my father burst into the room. 

              “I came as soon as I could.  What’s wrong with Eve?” He panted, while readjusting his clothing.

              “Look Daddy!  They got married!”  I bubbled, showing him my dolls.

              My father couldn’t help but smile at my silly antics. 

              “Maybe we should discuss this in a more disclosed place.”  Franklin stated before taking me up from my mother and setting me on the doctor’s table.  “Nurse?”

              In walked one of the attending nurse to distract me as my parents and Franklin went into a more secluded room. 

              When they returned, mother instantly picked me up and held me close.  My father quickly wrapped a protective arm around both of us. 

              “My baby,” Mom muttered as I tilted my head in utter confusion as to what was going on. 

              From that moment on, my family watched over me like hawks.  They always had two escorts for me whenever I was to go outside.  Luckily my mother was always one of them.  She was a big advocator for outside time.  She hated keeping me locked away inside the house.  Mother was always there for me, until the day I turned five.  

    © E.M. Peterson exlibris9.tumblr.com